Letters to the Editor

Build infrastructure with new construction money

Yes, I read the Herald article in the May 17 paper and it is Canton, Mich., all over again.

We moved down here last November and I already see a problem with the traffic, especially on U.S. 301 at I-75. It is terrible!

Here you are, planning to build more homes and no clue on what to do with the roads, the electricity and the water.

Back in Canton the water went down to a drizzle, not even enough to flush a toilet at times. The electricity was delivering brownouts or no power at times. And of course Michigan roads are a nightmare.

You need to go after the planners, the highway people, the water department and expose them on why they don't have a clue and force them to come up with an overall plan.

We don't want to see a lot of talk and no walk. If these developers want to build, then tax them, let's say $25,000 to $50,000 a home. But don't tax the people who are already here.

Dave Stowell