Letters to the Editor

A play about the rich and the downtrodden

A play about the rich and the downtrodden

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times -- a one act play by Jacques Sucillon

Characters: Mr. Vic Rizon and Mr. Fran Tier

Mr. Vic Rizon: "I am stuck with a low-profile, high-performing but not cost-effective unit.

"I'll sell it to you, Fran, and you will make all pensions obsolete. Think of it as sending all your extra cash to the Bahamas, and it would be tax free.

"Plus the 'piece de resistance,' it's perfectly legal."

Mr. Fran Tier: "Why didn't I think of this myself. I am happy, you are happy, and we're all happy 'billionaires.'

"Too bad all of the employees will have all of their pensions negated."

There lies the tale of the billionaires.

Before the curtain falls, the audience gives a standing ovation.

The loyal, trusting employees are banned from the theater looking for bit parts that pay little cash and give little satisfaction. Often all big business is a winner, and no one loves a loser.

End of play ... curtain falls.

Jacques Sucillon