Letters to the Editor

Staff, volunteers go extra mile for injured dog

It came to my attention last week about a dog that needed help over and above what most would do in our quest to save more animals.

A dog came into Animal Services with a broken leg. The dog was medicated to keep comfortable and evaluated by at least two vets. Manatee County Animal Services Director Bill Hutchison and staff took this dog to Tampa Humane Society for a last-ditch effort to see if the dog's leg could be saved; unfortunately, it couldn't.

It came to my attention that Bill Hutchison and a citizen -- one who volunteers and has a rescue that does not like the limelight -- agreed to pay for the surgery at Tampa Humane Society for a leg amputation. The dog's leg was amputated at no charge. The dog was transferred to a foster who happens to have another three-legged dog. The dog was up walking right away.

This is an example of leadership that really does believe that a County Animal Shelter can be more than just the dog pound. Staff is breaking their backs trying to find homes and caring for hundreds of animals every day. They need dog walkers desperately so dogs don't have to stay in cages 24/7 and get cage-stressed. Please take a moment to thank those who work at Animal Services and the hundreds of volunteers who give time to continue making Manatee County a caring community.

Carol Whitmore

County commissioner