Letters to the Editor

Quit subsidizing Amtrak; it should be private enterprise

Well, you knew it wouldn't take long for the Democrats to try to take political advantage of the latest crisis. The Philly rail disaster that tragically killed at least seven passengers is but another opportunity to blame Republicans for lack of funding.

Here are the facts: Amtrak has received over $45 billion in subsidies over the last 41 years. In the last five years, the taxpayers have subsidized Amtrak about $51 per ticket. The average Amtrak worker makes $85K per year plus those lucrative railroad benefits, a little more than private rail carriers. Let's face it, the government can't run a railroad, and to be honest, I no longer want to subsidize Northeast corridor transportation.

Warren Buffet makes plenty of money on BNSF Railway ($15 billion since the 2009 purchase). So why do we have to pay money we don't have (remember the $17 trillion debt...) so Amtrak can lose more money? Privatize it now.

As we should know by now, the Democrats' "more, more money will fix it" just doesn't work -- Baltimore, anyone? This nation is based on private enterprise and personal responsibility, not government coddling every special interest including public transport.

Richard Ayers