Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Memorial Day

calls on you

to remember

Remember those who gave all for America.

Memorial Day is today, and there are a number of Memorial Day services across Manatee County. Please attend one.

On that day, we raise all flags to the top, then bring each of them to half staff until noon. During those special services, we will pause to remember the thousands upon thousands of Americans who died all over the world so that we might have the freedom that we enjoy. Without their gift to us, there would be no America.

Many Americans will take time on this day to visit the graves of our lost men and women. Many Americans will wear poppies on this day as a special reminder of those who gave their lives in World War I. They never asked for very much, so the very least we can do is to come together to remember them on this very special day. Please join us.

Only a few days after Memorial Day is Flag Day on June 14. Schools will be out for the summer and so there are few discussions of our flag. How did it come to be? What does it represent? Those men and women referred to on Memorial Day who gave their lives, did so for our flag. Read a story about our flag and discuss it with a group of friends.

If you are an American, then this is your flag. Honor it in all ways possible.

Len Sirotzki


Quit subsidizing Amtrak; it should be private enterprise

Well, you knew it wouldn't take long for the Democrats to try to take political advantage of the latest crisis. The Philly rail disaster that tragically killed at least seven passengers is but another opportunity to blame Republicans for lack of funding.

Here are the facts: Amtrak has received over $45 billion in subsidies over the last 41 years. In the last five years, the taxpayers have subsidized Amtrak about $51 per ticket. The average Amtrak worker makes $85K per year plus those lucrative railroad benefits, a little more than private rail carriers. Let's face it, the government can't run a railroad, and to be honest, I no longer want to subsidize Northeast corridor transportation.

Warren Buffet makes plenty of money on BNSF Railway ($15 billion since the 2009 purchase). So why do we have to pay money we don't have (remember the $17 trillion debt...) so Amtrak can lose more money? Privatize it now.

As we should know by now, the Democrats' "more, more money will fix it" just doesn't work -- Baltimore, anyone? This nation is based on private enterprise and personal responsibility, not government coddling every special interest including public transport.

Richard Ayers


Respond to auto recalls -- they may save your life

Floridians need to act with more urgency in response to automobile recall notices.

As a trial attorney, I have devoted much of my career to defective automobiles, I'm worried that too many drivers have started to tune out -- and this means they're driving potentially dangerous cars.

In light of the recent Takata recall, the largest in U.S. history, it seems like a new recall is announced each week. The thought of driving a car with a known defect takes my breath away. Yet even intelligent people I work with sometimes tell me that they are too busy to bring their cars into a shop after receiving a recall notice. Sometimes the dealers themselves also act like there is no rush. There is.

Please respond to recall notices immediately. It may save your life.

John Uustal

Fort Lauderdale