Letters to the Editor

Global warming naysayers make convenient shift

I'm sensing a shift within the climate of global warming deniers. It's fascinating how the global warming argument has evolved from denying it, to providing scientific reasons that it's natural and not man-made. At least now it's accepted as undeniable fact.

How interesting the religious and the Republicans refute science that conflicts with their agenda, yet embrace science that corroborates their agenda.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, humans globally produce the same amount of CO2 in just three to five days that global volcanism produces annually.

Annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions dwarf the emissions of a single super eruption. Super eruptions, while rare, occur in intervals of 100,000 to 200,000 years, such as Toba 74,000 years ago and Yellowstone 2 million years ago. Their eruptions temporarily yield massive ash ejecta but not nearly as much CO2 as humans do annually. As estimates of CO2 released from the mid-ocean ridges, volcanic arcs and hot-spot volcanoes improve, all volcanic gas scientists agree they are significantly smaller than anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Global volcanism produces up to a half-billion metric tons of CO2 annually compared to humans producing 35 billion metric tons in 2010 alone. Sadly, mega-rich companies such as BP continue to pump millions of dollars to Republican leaders that become shills for the oil industry. The global warming debate is strictly wealth motivated.

Before one accepts any Republican's statement as "truth" and convinces one's self all else is a hoax, conspiracy or satanic, one should investigate the mountains of available scientific evidence first. Science doesn't lie nor has an agenda.

Galileo was right, but the church didn't want anyone to know that. Today's Republican leaders aren't much different. We now know global warming is happening and why. Other than out of pure greed, what reason is there to exacerbate it?

Gerrard Wilbur