Letters to the Editor

New SR 70 businesses should take stock of needs

I am writing to the future businesses on State Road 70 between Interstate 75 and U.S. 301.

The county commissioners made a huge blunder when giving Benderson the "Free Enterprise" rubber stamp of approval for The Mall at University Town Center:

We, the taxpayers will be coughing up $84 million, to pay for that mistake. As the Herald wrote, FDOT is looking at increasing the gas tax because not enough funds are available to fix our existing roads, sidewalks and bridges. But we have $84 million to pave the way for a quarter-mile stretch of highway.

Planning is one of the requirements not required to be a county commissioner, but the future businesses on S.R. 70 do have planning engineer personnel on their payroll.

My request to you, since taxpayers' funds are limited, please add: a bus shelter with seats and sun and rain protection, roadway design to eliminate backup, and most of all trees to give shade to the sidewalk users.

Being a county commissioner isn't a seat where one stamps "Free Enterprise" on everything that comes by their desk. It is working toward the betterment of the community. When eliminating funds from SCAT/MCAT to provide bus shelters, eliminating trees which provide shelter and shade for pedestrians and wildlife, when overbuilding becomes an obstacle of depleting funds and raising taxes and fees, we have a problem, especially for our seniors and young professionals.

So, to the future businesses on S.R. 70. Welcome and may we, as a community, work and plan together to enrich our lives and protect our environment and well being.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee