Letters to the Editor

Being Christian means to treat gays with respect

Reading a May 19 letter to the editor, "Christian majority ignored in gay marriage controversy," compels me to respond. As a lifelong Christian, I am sick and tired of hearing people who call themselves Christians spew one form of hatred after another in these letters.

They are the people that Jesus called "whited sepulchers" who appear clean on the outside but are decayed morally on the inside. They don't seem to know even the basic teaching of the founder of Christianity, which is to love both your neighbor (even if their opinions differ) and your enemy. Are those who call themselves Christians in Bradenton prepared to do that?

The referenced letter writer pretends to know the thoughts of all Christians in this country, but I will exclaim, and I know other Christians who agree, that gays are not to be hated, but treated with love and respect, just like all other people. Hatred is not the way of Jesus. Basing beliefs on someone's interpretation of certain texts in the Old Testament but ignoring the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament is not Christianity.

The hatred and conflict in this world exists largely because those who are supposed to dedicate their lives to love and be models of that love have failed miserably in the work they were called to do.

John Steinmeyer