Letters to the Editor

Jeb Bush needs to have solid answers on U.S. fate

Perhaps Megan Kelly from Fox News could have asked Jeb Bush some additional questions, "knowing what you now know about U.S. military involvement in Iraq and its consequences, would you have authorized sending 500,000 troops to fight Saddam Hussein in 1991's Gulf War because really that war, initiated by your dad, George H.W. Bush, precipitated the invasion of Iraq by your brother George?" And "if elected will you make it a Trifecta? Which country can we bet on? By the way, do you think that the fate of Kuwait then or now was ever or would ever be critical to U.S. security interests?"

The fact that the well-funded presidential non-candidate was not prepared to answer or expound upon that most critical question about his candidacy, given his familial history in blundering and plundering into Iraq, is disconcerting, worrisome and astounding. It's our fear factor with Jeb Bush.

Ms. Kelly could have then asked some follow-up questions about what he did learn about U.S. involvement in the Middle East from his unique perspective. Other than sharing the Bush name, do you share its proclivities because we are still the bull in the china shop or, in deference to General Powell, the clumsy customer in Crate and Barrel still breaking things or trying to piece together a broken nation that never was a nation.

Even this twice-elected president who vowed to get us out the door can't seem to get us out of Iraq. We keep on finding new reasons to linger longer.

So Jeb, please prove that you are made of more than money. A penny for your insights.

Larry Grossman

Longboat Key