Letters to the Editor

Tallahassee needs to butt out of our kids' educations

Florida issues no apology for ruining school for so many kids' educations.

Tallahassee has shrugged its shoulders and said, you know what, all those intensive reading classes that we forced kids into, you know the ones that were often overcrowded, that didn't have enough resources and that kids universally hated, well it turns out we were wrong on that one and now we're going to let districts, you know the ones closest to the students, come up with plans they think are best for each one.

There was no apology to the decade of kids they made hate school and robbed of jobs by replacing elective classes with remedial ones that turned out to be ineffective.

It reminds me of the time they made every kid take chemistry or physics and algebra II, you know incredibly hard classes that most kids will never ever use, or they wouldn't be allowed to graduate. I don't think it is a coincidence that grad rates started going up a couple years ago when they said, maybe that's not the best plan. Jeb Bush and his foundation fought against getting rid of those classes, by the way.

Who is going to want to bet that, in a couple years, after hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and hundreds of thousands of teachers and kids are made miserable, the state will say, yeah about that common core thing.

Implementing all three of these things was done over the objections of many teachers and experts in education.

If you want education to improve, get Tallahassee out of it.

Chris Guerrieri