Letters to the Editor

District needs to appoint Greene, not launch search

As a long-time supporter of Manatee County students in multiple capacities, I strongly recommend the selection of Dr. Diana Greene for superintendent of the Manatee County School District. There are many reasons to select Dr. Greene for the superintendent's position including her vision, her leadership, the understanding she has of this community, the respect she has in this community and her calm demeanor.

She and Don Hall would lend much-needed stability and continuity as this district continues its forward movement. The needed summer preparation for August and the many ongoing parts of that planning could proceed without delay.

Dr. Greene is superintendent material and we need her expertise and skills here. She came in second when Mr. Mills was selected and she has added to her resume. A delay in making this selection by doing a search would throw this district into more chaos at a time when we have an opportunity for calm. Expending money, time and resources to do a search is nothing this district can afford on any level.

These are a few of the reasons to support Dr. Diana Greene for Manatee County Schools' Superintendent. Our community deserves her leadership now. Our community deserves a smooth August start and beyond. Most of all, our students and teachers need her continued vision for continuing the climb toward increased teaching and learning.

Do the right thing for this community. Thank you.

Elaine Graham