Letters to the Editor

Deacon Smitty's family thanks the community

To our dear friends, local churches, community organizations, and well-wishers:

It is with sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks that we take this special opportunity to express our deep appreciation for your kind thoughts, prayers, flowers, telephone calls, comforting words of encouragement, food, and all other acts of kindness shown to us during the illness and passing of our loved one, Deacon Robert "Smitty" Jr.

Please know that you played a major role in helping to sustain us during this most difficult time in our lives. Thank God for all of you!

It is our continuous prayer that the Lord God will bless each of you always. We do ask that you continue to keep the Smith family in your thoughts and prayers as we strive daily to cope, heal and accept his passing.

Yes, our loved one is truly missed by his family, his church and his many, many friends in this community. Deacon "Smitty" served his community by the will of God.

We love you and thank you again.

Mrs. Rosa B. Smith and the Robert "Smitty" Smith Jr. family.