Letters to the Editor

Far-left liberals, take note: Obama broke many promises

In reference to Myra Jones' letter to the editor, she states far left liberals are not far left. This comes down to a "matter of opinion."

She criticized "trickle-down economics," yet it worked during the Reagan administration, so there are pros and cons. Why is it that when far left liberals are unable to debate any issue, they resort to the past? What about Obama -- he and the liberals are the subject of this letter. By the way, since taking office Obama has doubled the deficit and increased the national debt to $18.2 trillion. Federal spending is up 108 percent.

Do you really believe Obama got us out of the recession? After six years of Obama, we have a record low labor force, more Americans living in poverty, stagnant wages, 46 million people on food stamps and the weakest recovery in history. Yet we have higher taxes! Last year alone, our Medicare tax, income tax, capital gains tax and estate tax were all increased. Think about it, we now have 11 states where there are more people on welfare than people employed.

You're right about one thing. Obama has cut the expenditure on wars. He has decimated the military and weakened the security of this country. And the comment that Obamacare has cut medical costs must be a joke. Am I correct? Where is the reduction of my healthcare by $2,500? Why can't people on Obamacare have their own doctors and hospitals? Do some research and you will find that Obamacare premiums, deductible and coinsurance pay have all gone up. The massive increase to non-group health insurance programs by 50 percent.

Way too many broken promises by this administration.

B. Hlushchenko