Letters to the Editor

Public input helped transform downtown Bradenton

I have been watching with concern the accounts in the Herald that City Council wants to take over the CRAs. I have been involved in the downtown transformation on many different facets. In addition to having worked for Realize Bradenton, I also served on one of the task forces that developed the Cultural Master Plan, the architect for a lot of downtown's recent success.

The amount of public input from our community was unprecedented, and why the success was even better than imagined. The way City Council conducts its business, there is neither the time nor opportunity for that kind of public access -- the kind needed for innovation and thinking outside the box.

I really hope the current dialogue will resolve any issues of conflict without losing the Downtown Development Authority. The board is made up of citizens who volunteer their time, talents and treasures to make our downtown the amazing downtown it has become today. The board is our only real interface and opportunity to have real input as to the future.

Laura McKeithen