Letters to the Editor

Oil-gas industry plunging world toward extinction

It is too late to argue with climate change deniers like Mike McLeod who tell us that 3 percent of the world's scientists are right and 97 percent are wrong. Every National Academy of Science tells us that we are headed toward catastrophic levels of warming. The inconvenient truth is now upon us.

The reason why so many people do not accept the reality of man-induced climate change is because they realize the political consequences. Reversing the climate change phenomenon will require collective action, and a dramatic reining in of the market forces that are largely responsible for creating the crisis. This goes against the grain of the conservative mind set. Unfortunately, the solutions necessary to change the current climate crisis are threatening the people responsible for the crisis in the first place.

We all love the freedom of mobility, exemplified by our love of the automobile, the powerboat, the motorcycle, etc. -- so much that we do not care we are destroying the planet with the pollution These items are creating.

Mike McLeod says it is all up to mother earth? It's us, the homo sapien, who must stop extracting the fossil fuels from underground, channeling it through our tools and toys, into the atmosphere. The laws of nature have nothing to do with this process.

Climate change is on a collision course with unfettered pro-growth, anti-government capitalism. Either we wake up and accept this stark reality, or we ride off the cliff into catastrophic consequences.

Either we, the people, must force the richest and most powerful industry in the world, the oil and gas industry, into extinction, or we, the species, will not be able to avoid our own extinction.

Ouch, sorry kids.

Jaime Canfield