Letters to the Editor

Democratic presidents, not GOP, led nation into war

This letter is in response to Myra Jones' May 15 letter, in which she hammers Republicans saying they run up the debt and wage wars. She also suggested we read some history.

The history book I read tells me that Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was president at the start and during World War I; that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, was president during World War II; Harry Truman, a Democrat, for the Korean War; John Kennedy, a Democrat, for the Vietnam War, which was greatly elevated by another Democrat, Lyndon B. Johnson; and Bill Clinton, a Democrat, for Bosnia.

Ms. Jones claims this last recession was a "gift" from President George Bush. During the Clinton administration, they wanted all Americans to be able to buy a house and had the banks provide mortgage to people even if they had no money down and bad credit, which over time resulted in the huge housing melt down. What did George Bush have to do with that?

Incidentally, we had two guys, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, both Democrats, whose job it was to see that this sort of thing could not happen...

How did that work out? Our national debt is now $18 trillion, up from the $9 trillion that it was when President Obama took office. If one person spent $1 million each and every day since the birth of Christ, they would not have spent even $1 trillion.

How am I doing, Myra?

William E. Kemmler