Letters to the Editor

School board needs to account for every dollar

I grew up in a 15-foot-wide row house in Baltimore. It wasn't much, but my family was proud to have bought their first home and worked hard to make the payments and fix everything that needed mending. My dad worked three jobs to make ends meet to care for Mom and four kids. We were accountable for our home and all the expenses.

Things have changed a lot today. Supposedly, $1.8 billion has been spent to revitalize poor neighborhoods in Baltimore, but nobody seems to be able to tell where the money was spent. There's not much to show in progress for almost $2 billion.

Our local school board spends half a billion dollars a year and also has difficulty explaining where all the money has gone. Over the past 10 years, several billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent with many millions unaccounted for by the school board. I think that it's time for the board to audit everything spent over the past 10 years to establish their trustworthiness to the public before coming to the taxpayers and asking for lots more money. Audit every dollar spent and be able to account for all of it. It's time to do this before a new superintendent comes in so that he or she is not burdened with the district's financial concerns and questions from the past.

Dan Crumpler