Letters to the Editor

Vietnam veteran thanks letter writer Shirey for her take

Joan Shirey's May 17 letter to the editor was excellent.

I was in South Vietnam, I Corps 1968 USMC Corporal. I'm currently having a battle with Agent Orange Exposure and with help the VA is taking care of me.

If we would have had a Congress and Senate with backbone and the willingness to do the right thing for the South Vietnamese, we could have won that war and saved millions of lives. In 1968, we had North Vietnam shut down to the point Ho Chi Mien was going to surrender and give up because the B-52 Bombers were devastating them, but we were not allowed to go north on the ground and end it once and for all.

One thing I will never forgive the politicians and the leaders in the Pentagon at the time was the decision to force the Handlers of the War Dogs to turn the Dogs over to the Vietnamese instead of letting them come home as heroes. Four thousand War Dogs that saved countless lives and became a buddy and friend to their handlers, turned over to be eaten by the Vietnamese. The American Military saw more battles in South Vietnam than any war in history. The soldiers on average were engaged in a fight 184 days out of the year and never lost a fight, but lost the war. Thank you, Joan Shirey, for your letter.

Mike McLeod