Letters to the Editor

Attitudes must change to support new U.S. jobs

Mr. Jim Murray lacks understanding as to why the wealthy are not creating jobs.

Let me ask a question. Why would anyone who has money want to start a business, and operate it under the current political atmosphere in this county?

The Obama administration has stated to business owners, "You didn't build that business, someone else did. Government helped you create your business not you." Does he really think that? More importantly, do inner city folk understand that question? What a brilliant method to encourage business development.

Contrary to Mr. Murray's thinking, the majority of people of employable age in the inner cities have been coached by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and some labor unions that business owners are evil and take advantage of the working class. A person wanting to start a business did not become wealthy by making unwise choices, and they need government to protect their business from burning and looting, which seemed to be sorely lacking in Baltimore and Ferguson.

This country taxes corporations greater than most other countries. Obamacare, Social Security tax for employees, workman's comp, utilities, property taxes, wages, licensing fees, rent, and property insurance to name a few. Everything possible to thwart the development and creation of jobs in the United States has been the theme of this current administration.

During the last couple of years, the stock market has returned almost 21 percent in investment income.

Why in the world would anyone want to build a business in Baltimore, or Ferguson, with the current mind set of those residents? Their attitudes and ranting show their true beliefs. Some get many government handouts and perks by being unemployed. They refuse to work at supporting a safe environment in which to run a business, then riot and chant "burn this .... down."

Until attitudes change, Mr. Murray, helping your fellow man is an exercise in futility. People will invest their money where they get the best return for their wealth.

Gary D. Bogart, retired firefighter