Letters to the Editor

Legislature's failure merits public scorn, recall election

Picture this: You hire a contractor to do a job. He tells you he will finish in 60 days -- no problem. He has a group that he can pull off their very well-paying regular jobs. You guarantee their pay.

However, each time you check on them, the lot of them are arguing like kids in a sandbox. Three days early they all pick up their shovels and walk off the unfinished job.

But wait! It gets better! You agree to pay each guy an extra $15,000 for an additional 10 days of work -- with no guarantee that they will finish even most of the job.

Sound familiar? It should.

Sadly it is this year's episode of our Legislature at work. And they obviously are not very good at it.

And then there is this to put things in perspective: The $15,000 they make in one week of a special session, with no guarantee on finishing the job, is equal to someone working full time (40 hours a week), one full year (52 weeks) at minimum $7.25 per hour.

Seems to me the solution may be one word: recall. And it could start with the bald-headed leader.

Mary Courneya