Letters to the Editor

B-Town golf cart service meets legal requirements

In response to a Bradenton Herald letter to the editor regarding the B-Town Shuttle Service in downtown Bradenton: This service was made possible with months of research in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation, City of Bradenton, State Department of Insurance, insurance companies, Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Bradenton Police Department, Manatee County Code Ordinances, an attorney and several golf cart manufacturers.

This is a commercial business that was created through research, personally financed, to serve the downtown district. This service is supported through advertising by local merchants and businesses throughout Manatee County, from Cortez Village, West/East Bradenton, Village of the Arts, downtown Bradenton, and the City of Palmetto.

It is not endorsed or sponsored. The community as a whole stands to gain a service of convenience.

FDOT has clear regulations where this type of transportation (golf carts) can travel. This is a custom-built, street-legal vehicle, just as any other vehicle, licensed to drive on the roadway.

The State of Florida has issued a Certificate of Title and Registration for an (ASPT-low speed) vehicle. This can be obtained by anyone that wishes to convert their vehicle, not just golf carts.

Contact the Division of Motorists Services, 323 10th Ave. W., Palmetto, FL 34221, for golf cart conversions; contact Paul Hayden, American Pride Golf Cart Services, 8004 34th Ave. E., Bradenton, FL 34211.

Hopefully this information will prove useful to any resident that wishes to travel on the roadway in their own low-speed vehicle.

B-Town Shuttle Service is looking forward to serving the citizens of Manatee County for many years to come.

Kim O'Keefe, Owner, B-Town Service LLC Bradenton