Letters to the Editor

Manatee County school board, district destroying productive superintendent leadership

Almost everyone in the Manatee County school district remembers what the disposition of this school district was about four years ago.

At that time we had a district that was being manipulated by a small group of corrupt individuals who were following their own personal agendas. Within a period of eight years the student achievement plummeted.

The district had been cited by state auditors for lacking a fund balance since 2009, in violation of Florida statutes.

We had a rubber-stamp board who approved every flawed proposal put before them by then Superintendent Tim McGonegal.

We were fortunate to find Mr. Rick Mills, who had a plan to fix the district and within two years has accomplished most of his promises as superintendent. The student academic standing moved up in state ranking from 47 to 37.

The general reserve fund has a positive balance, in compliance with Florida statutes.

But Mr. Mills has some grave faults. He has shown he has integrity. Integrity. Is this why the board ignores his recommendations?

And he has placed the welfare of the students as a priority. Our board has already shown that student welfare is insignificant.

And it is understandable, that not being from Manatee County, he did not know that there are certain people and issues and certain institutions that are just not held accountable.

Mr. Mills is also lacking the ability to look the other way when confronted by immorality and dishonesty.

There is a small group of people in Manatee County that would have you believe that Mr. Mills is the one who caused all of this disharmony. These are the people whose concern is not for the students of Manatee County but for their own personal greed.

Will the district return to the good ol' boy network of cronyism and favoritism that left the integrity and honesty of the administration in tatters?

Linda Schaich