Letters to the Editor

Wealthy class not creating enough jobs to alter economic plight

Those without a job ...

In the newspaper it states that 40 percent of the disadvantaged in Baltimore do not have a job! The paper also states that the Baltimore port deals in billions of dollars in traffic.

I went to a two-year college when I was starting out. After a two-year stint at the end of World War II, I wanted a job in the engineering department of a chemical company (large) and was told that if I took a blue-collar job first, it would be easier to move me into engineering.

I worked six months in chemical processing and found the people there underpaid but very effective in their job of processing aureomycin and other drugs. They figured out a faster process that the chemical engineers didn't figure out for about six months.

I would say that 90 percent of the Baltimore unemployed would be delighted to get a job.

What is hard for me to understand is that there are people in corporations and Wall Street that are making excessive salaries and bonuses and always seem to want more.

If I had $10, $50 or $100 million in assets, I think I would want to help those in places like Baltimore, Chicago, New York, etc. You could invest in some small business and create some jobs.

I do not understand these people with loads of money who do not care about their fellow man.

Those of you who have the means, please reach out and create a few jobs. If enough people did this, the economy would improve, and there would be a lot of very thankful workers out there.

Jim Murray