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Letter of the Month, April: Donna Kimbro

Florida government still ignoring state workers

Originally published on April 16

I have written and torn up this letter several times; however, I have to submit this thought. Our Florida government is so bent on running Florida like a business that the constituents are not being heard. Please hear this statement.

Making $690 million in tax cuts does not get to serve all of the public in Florida.

I understand you want to make colleges more affordable and schools better. With that said, you excluded a large population: State workers are not getting raises again this year.

We are your worker bees. We provide protection to your citizens, assist with health, housing, government-run businesses, etc. It has been over seven long years without even a cost-of-living raise.

Two years ago we had to begin paying 3 percent of our wages toward our retirement, which equals a 3 percent tax cut in our paychecks.

Those of us who joined you six years ago are still making the same pay as when we began; the new kids on the block are making what we are making.

My question is this: We are living on stagnant wages, so how do we pay for our kids to attend those colleges and schools?

How do we pay for imposed health care? How do we pay for increased insurances that are out of control for vehicles, home owners insurance, and increased property taxes?

We have cut our budget to the bone.

You imply this is good for the state; however, most of us are also helping family members who are in even worse trouble.

I am at a loss as what to do next. I vote, I express my opinion and nothing changes.

Gov. Rick Scott is not listening, the House is not listening, and the Senate has been completely ignored. I am a frustrated citizen.

Donna Kimbro


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