Letters to the Editor

Portrayal of Christianity lacks historical relevance

It hasn't been possible for me to wave off the persistent, unfounded and outright blasphemous besmirching of my faith and active participation in Christianity, repeatedly targeted by an Opinion contributor to the April 30 Herald.

Innuendos and outrageous suppositions in that piece have no historical relevance, can't be ignored or fail to provoke a public confirmation of my faith.

The Christianity I follow has been deciphered, analyzed and summarized by unbelievers, historians, antagonists, theologians, doctors, philosophers, lawyers, Romans, Greeks, Muhammad, Islamists, Muslims, white and black men and women, and every other category of human being imaginable, since the beginning of recorded time.

The audacity and consistently inept opinions about Christianity by some readers is easy enough to understand and dismiss based on this history -- most of the time.

But the April 30 article reeks with grossly false and unjustified explanations that seriously distort and misrepresent the truth of God's existence, his love of humanity, and the undeniable evidence of His presence in this world.

My calling is to obediently and publicly stand up for my Christian faith. I'm not afraid to do this and will continue to pray that others who read these words answer their calling by participating in this debate.

With no desire to insist that anyone think as I do, I'm content to leave the consequences of disbelief to the Creator and encourage local acts of faith by other Christian believers in this community. Unexpectedly and unbelievably cogent, I have complied with the April 30 Opinion writer's instructions "... to speak out against ignorance, hatred, fanaticism, and lies used in the name of Christ." Amen.

Richard Evanson