Letters to the Editor

A memorable shopping trip to Beall's first store in city

I appreciate the Herald coverage to the 100 years of the Bealls department stores. May I suggest that you solicit memories of our shopping days at that first V Dollar Limit Store?

Please give credit to those who spent years working at that store.

I am now sharing one of my shopping trips, the first time that I bought something with the money I had earned working my first job for two weeks.

I was hired by my uncle to take care of his 3-year-old son after the birth of the second baby.

A woman from Bradenton rode the bus to the Cortez village to bathe the new mother. Those were the days when mothers stayed in bed for 10 days after a birth.

My first job required entertaining the 3-year-old, opening Campbell's soup to feed him and washing baby diapers. This was the first time I had washed diapers on a rub board.

I enjoyed my first job. When Friday came at the end of the two weeks I got my pay. On Saturday, with that money in my purse, my mother took me to shop at the V Dollar Limit Store in Bradenton, where I spent the total amount on a dress.

I can still see that dress. It was off white with lavender, blue, and green designs on it. I spent all that I had on that lovely dress.

I was so proud of me for working and being able to buy it myself.

Are you saying that I was not wise for spending all I had? To me it was worth all I had made from that job. That whole one dollar ($1), I spent at the downtown V Dollar Limit Store for a dress in 1937.

Mary Fulford Green