Letters to the Editor

Is Manatee County school district playing favorites with Pumphrey's paid leave?

Schools Superintendent Rick Mills' administration takes every opportunity to pat themselves on the back for correcting the school district's finances. Yet here we are in the middle of another spending freeze.

Blaming the former administration won't work this time, and Mills certainly won't bear the blame himself. I wonder how soon the back patting will turn into back stabbing.

Here's an idea to save some money: Why not take Troy Pumphrey off of paid leave and put him back to work?

Whenever one of our teachers gets investigated, they're stored in a "rubber room" at Lincoln Middle or the District's Print Shop to make sure the district is squeezing every dime out of them.

What makes Pumphrey different? He's getting paid to sit home in Hillsborough County while our teachers have to report to work every day.

Why is Pumphrey receiving this special treatment, being paid to do nothing while our hardworking, educated teachers are being warehoused, shuffling papers under the guise of fiscal responsibility?

Maybe the district is frightened of the discrimination lawsuit Pumphrey has filed? But think about what's it called when an employer gives one employee unfair special treatment over all the others. Discrimination.

Sounds like Mills is opening the district to more liability by discriminating in Pumphrey's favor.

And why isn't the teacher's union screaming about this issue? Fairness and equality for our teachers should be their No. 1 priority!

This special treatment for Pumphrey is an affront to every teacher in the district, not just those under investigation. Still, somehow Mills gives Pumphrey a pass.

Makes you wonder: Why?

Michelle Jimenez-Baserva