Letters to the Editor

Riverwalk Regatta a big hit with visitors who now vow to move here

My wife and I are visitors to the Bradenton area from Seattle. I have an office in New York and especially after this winter we decided that we needed a place to come to with fabulous weather.

We came down after visiting several other Florida communities while looking for a potential winter home. We had heard about the Riverwalk Regatta and thought we would see what the area had to offer.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the entire festival, the food was great, and there was an energy that we had found missing in several of the other spots we had visited. We are now looking to find the right home in the area to put down our roots.

I was very surprised to read that the Palmetto mayor could find fault with the event.

We have a similar event in Seattle known as Seafair, which is a major economic boon to the city.

This Bradenton festival, while much smaller, was equally well run and enjoyable. We plan on bragging one day that we attended the very first Bradenton/Palmetto Regatta and every one thereafter during our entire time in Florida.

Robert M. Santucci