Letters to the Editor

Animal activists aim to improves lives, not make money

I am writing in response to Kay Rosaire's misguided opinion on so-called "animal rights extremists" (Herald report, "Ringling decision doesn't please all: Some animal welfare groups are wary," March 6). Ms. Rosaire seems to be of the opinion that we are not concerned about animals at all but only concerned with making money.

I have been involved in animal rights for 20 years and have not made one penny from my time. I have, however, spent much of my hard-earned money in the process. Some of my money has been foolishly spent at her facility, Big Cat Habitat.

Maybe Ms. Rosaire should educate herself a little more before she makes statements about how much she "thinks" elephants cost. It is a documented fact that Ringling abuses elephants, and has for many years; their decision to stop showcasing elephants is a wise one.

Her statement about activists wanting to get rid of guide dogs and not allowing people to have pets is unfounded and absurd. Animal rights activists are also advocates for companion animal adoption. It is our goal to see that all animals live out their lives in a loving home, free from abuse.

Stating that elephants are "better off in humane captivity where they can be fed and cared for" is an outrage. Yes, the wild is a dangerous place to live but so is human society. Are you suggesting that humans should be kept in a cage and beaten with metal prods so that we are safe from the dangers of our world?

The circus is a wonderful place to show off amazing acts of human strength and ability. Let's keep the animals out of it.

Kelly Driscoll