Letters to the Editor

Relocating Bradenton's Glazier Gates Park sparks confusion

Apparently I am confused and need assistance. I do not understand how the city of Bradenton can relocate Glazier Gates Park from its current location on Manatee Avenue East to the Manatee River riverfront and include it in their grand plan to extend the Riverwalk.

In case city officials have not examined the physical attributes, there are people's homes there. People who, according to the deeds to their property, own the waterfront.

Does the city intend to acquire those properties either in whole or in part by eminent domain? If so, will they be doing that also with the marina at the end of Seventh Street East?

Also, if that is their intention, why are they allowing a new home to be built at the corner of Riverside Drive and Ninth Street East? That new home would have to have had a building permit approved and issued by the city.

My recent conversations with those homeowners indicate they have had no communication from city officials. How can that be? Isn't this America? Aren't city officials working for the citizens of their city? Where is the transparency we all want and expect from our government?

I do not own property in that vicinity, but I would like to know. Yes, I am confused and would appreciate an answer, even a speculative answer from anyone who might have an opinion or knowledge of the situation. Thank you.

Dian Weldon