Letters to the Editor

Help teach English language as a volunteer tutor

I would like to respond to Mr. Dennis Rydzynski's Jan. 31 letter. I do agree that it is important to be able to communicate in English if living in the United States. This is a great benefit to our immigrants so they may be able to find better jobs and take a more positive role in our community.

We at Manatee Reads! (Literacy Council of Manatee County) are committed to the goal of "empowering adults to independence by helping them gain the literacy skills they need to read, write and communicate in English ..."

Due to a lack of volunteer tutors, it is difficult for us to meet this goal. At the present time we have a waiting list of those who want to learn our language, but must wait until we can assign them a tutor.

Mr. Rydzynski, would you consider helping us teach English to those who are anxious to learn? Perhaps there are others who feel as you do and can also contribute a few hours a week.

Please contact Manatee Reads! at 941-746-8197 to offer your assistance.

Sherry Emigh, Volunteer Tutor for Manatee Reads Bradenton