Letters to the Editor

With Little Libraries, historic board, Manatee doing good things

There seems to be so much good stuff going on in Bradenton.

1. Little Libraries: The Herald story about the little "free" lending libraries around both Bradenton and Sarasota will surely enhance the literary levels of the whole community and give folks a chance to get books to read -- especially those who normally do not. Statistics say the median number of books read each year by Americans is just five books. Maybe because it is colder back home, we spend more time indoors reading! The average number of books read annually by Canadians is 17.

2. Also, may I commend the county for the new Historic Preservation Advisory Board (public meeting 2 p.m. Feb. 9 at in the county building). This will open the door to community improvement all over the city, including Bayshore Gardens where my wife and I live.

I have been involved in heritage conservation in Ontario since the 1970s. I've seen positive changes in dozens of communities, large and small, where groups have set up "heritage committees" and designated hundreds of homes and buildings.

My hometown (just 8,000 people) has no less than three heritage "districts" involving hundreds of homes and businesses, and a total of 267 designated buildings. It just won a National "Communities in Blooms" award for its public gardens and street plantings, too!

The pay-off has been a turnaround in our economic well-being. There is a special meeting at the Bayshore Gardens Recreation Center 7 p.m. Jan. 29 to discuss the first possible Bradenton heritage designation.

Well done, Bradenton! Keep up the good work

Paul Carroll