Letters to the Editor

Floridians already spoke clearly on land conservation amendment

There is no need to wonder what to do with the funds set aside by Amendment 1, but now some state senators, including Republican Majority Leader Bill Galvano, want to take "public comment" on it.

The public already commented: The amendment passed with 75 percent of the vote.

The amendment is clear: Give no less than one third of net revenues from doc stamps to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund for the sole purpose of acquiring and preserving critical lands and waters for the benefit of the public -- and keep them out of the prying grasp of private interests -- forever.

No "implementing legislation" is needed. No "databases" or "surveys" are required.

This reminds me of Sarasota's effort to stop people from parking along the road at Siesta Beach. The county put up signs every 100 feet that said "No parking on right of way." People kept parking. Finally, behind every sign, the county had to install another sign that said "This is the right of way."

You expect a certain number of scofflaws among the beachgoing public, but they should not be tolerated in the state Senate.

Stuart Smith