Letters to the Editor

Pitbulls should not be in homes with children

Well, it's happened again, sadly. Another child has lost its life to a couple of pitbulls. I really can't understand how someone can put their dog ahead of the life of their child.

I hear the same old excuse every time, "The dog has always been good around the child" or "Pitbulls are safe if raised the right way." That is where the "bull" part of their name comes in.

It has been established that pitbulls are very strong, vicious and dangerous animals. But everybody always says that their dog is different, that their dog wouldn't hurt a flea, and their dog would never hurt anyone in the family.

I'm sorry but that is a cop out. Those dogs were bred for fighting or killing other animals (or people). Their strength, viciousness and fighting skills have been used by owners for just that over the centuries for hunting or dog fight competitions.

I believe that it is time for the government to start passing laws dealing with this problem. They should make it illegal to own a pitbull if there are children in the home or around them. If it is found that the law is broken, then the dog(s) should be removed and the parent(s) should be charged with child endangerment and be fined or serve jail time.

It seems people either don't understand the dangers or don't care if it is dangerous for their child. Come on people, use your heads. Protect your children and protect other people's children.

How many kids have to die such a terrible and excruciating death (or live with a mangled face or body) before we start protecting them.

Ronald Perano