Letters to the Editor

Shame on five Manatee County commissioners; thanks to two others, Planning Commission

I am in total agreement with Russell Weir's assessment of Commissioner Larry Bustle in his Jan. 20 letter: "Commissioner ignores voters on Trevesta."

I would like to add a few names to the list: Commissioners Chappie, Baugh, Whitmore and Benac. They also apparently do not care about the safety or quality of life of the citizens of Manatee County.

I do think some thank you's are in order: The Planning Commission saw what a huge mistake Trevesta was going to be and denied it' Commissioners DiSabatino and Smith for voting "no" at the Jan. 8 land use meeting, and thank you Commissioner DiSabatino for standing up for the residents from the Trevesta area who wanted to talk and ask for reconsideration on the matter at the Jan. 13 board meeting.

One question: Why have a Planning Commission if the majority of county commissioners choose to ignore it?

Thomas Conrad