Letters to the Editor

Manatee County commission action a disgrace to Trevesta foes

I am shocked and outraged at Larry Bustle and the rest of the Manatee County commission by their failure to act at the denial and intimidation of the public in their attempt to discuss the commission's approval of the Trevesta monster development.

The public attending the meeting were forbidden to mention the name of this development when they were trying to discuss the fact that commissioners ignored the Planning Commission's recommendation that the project be rejected. Why have a Planning Commission at all if their recommendations are not considered?

Bustle and the other commissioners ordered the sheriff's deputies to enforce their denial of free speech. This is misuse of police authority. Police are there to maintain order, not enforce censorship of free speech. The sheriff should look into this and not let his police be used in this manner.

The public should not expect the commission to act in an evenhanded manner with regard to new developments since the construction industry lines up to donate to their campaigns. This is especially true of Bustle, Benac and Whitmore.

This should be no surprise regarding Benac who is a shill for the construction industry. She worked for Benderson Development and was given a leave of absence to run for commissioner. Whose interest do you think she is serving?

And she is now Commission Chairman. Lord help us.

They were put in office to serve the construction industry. The only hope is to "get in their faces" as long as we are not forbidden to do so by a police-enforced censorship and then to vote them out of office at the earliest opportunity. In Bustle's case he should be removed from office immediately. His ethics are non-existent.

Their attitude is influencing our county employees who in recent emails to the board call the public "crazies." This is a public record.

Frank J. Ward