Letters to the Editor

TV schedule too valuable to stop printed version

Will newspapers become just another memory? Probably. However, for the time being, there are still enough of us to support the written word in our daily newspapers!

I love the feeling of the paper! I love to turn the pages. I love to read our local reporters' stories! I love to read our news without an ad popping up in front of my eyes!

I like the format: the local news, the world news, the sports, the letters to the editor, the obituaries and, last but not least, our daily TV grid!

As a faithful subscriber, I wish to thank you for reinstating the daily TV guide. Not all of your readers are laptop junkies, yet. We all don't have smart phones, yet. I'm sure they're coming down the pike for all of us, but for now we'll take our black and white Bradenton Herald!

Ann Jerman