Letters to the Editor

Eagerly awaiting completion of the Fort Hamer Bridge

I live in Parrish and can't wait for the Fort Hamer Bridge to be built. I live in Parrish and have to travel I-75 northbound from Sarasota to the Palmetto-Ellenton (S.R. 301) exit after work between 5-6 p.m. The traffic backing up on the bridge to get off on this exit has become a nightmare and I dread it every day.

I feel like a sitting duck in the right lane waiting to get off this exit while the trucks and cars whiz by us in the other two lanes. The normal wait time in traffic on the bridge to exit is around 15 minutes. It's becoming outrageous. I don't know if the traffic lights on 301 are out of sync or if it's just the volume of traffic

I can't wait for the bridge to be built so I can have an alternate way to get home other than the interstate or a long drive along Lakewood Ranch Boulevard to Upper Manatee River Road.

When the bridge is built, I can exit on S.R. 64 and avoid the backed up traffic on the bridge on I-75 north toward the 301 exit. It will likely cut at least 20 minutes off my commute.

Me and the folks in Parrish so desperately need an alternate route home other than I-75 north!

I would just like to add that we need more Florida Highway Patrol presence on the stretch of I-75 between Manatee and Sarasota, which is lacking. I like to drive 70 mph and arrive at my destination alive. So many of the other drivers don't seem to care, speeding at 85 mph and weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating and using no turn signals is the norm. It is no wonder there are so many accidents.

Diane Hajek