Letters to the Editor

On Trevesta development meeting, county failed to give proper public notice

Dear Manatee County Board Chair Betsy Benac and Commissioners John Chappie, Carol Whitmore, Larry Bustle, Vanessa Vaugh, Charles B. Smith and Robin DiSabatino.

I respectfully ask you all to please reconsider your vote regarding this project for the below listed reasons. The members of this community including myself were not given notice.

It's clear in this section of the BOCC procedures that the applicant clearly misled the board and thus that's why there is such an outcry for you to please reconsider. Members of our community group showed up at the next schedule meeting just as the BOCC procedures state. We were told we can't speak regarding this topic and I quote Chair Benac: "This is not the appropriate time." Again, please respect the "Peoples Civil Rights."

We are filing a motion based on grounds of Section Reconsideration Due to Vote Based on a Mistake.

Donald Neu, AICP, of Neu Consulting, misrepresented the community as they were not properly noticed of the Trevesta project. Mr. Neu stated in testimony at the Jan. 8 BOCC meeting that he sent out a notification letter for a public workshop, but he did not, as most people in the area did not get any notification. Several citizens expressed the fact that they were not given proper notice to the public hearing.

The Trevesta project was objected by over 100 emails sent directly to commissioners and a resident collected 316 opposition signatures from the community.

The homeowners of Heather Glen, Foster's Creek, Crystal Lakes, residents along parts of 69th Street East and the majority of Fresh Meadows and Kew Gardens (which are directly adjacent to the Trevesta project) were not notified.

Corie Holmes