Letters to the Editor

Many issues left to resolve on Florida's medical marijuana idea

I wonder, if a certain neighbor had not call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office on the Jordans and the ordeal which followed from it, would medical marijuana be the strong case that it is now? Sometimes when you stir the hornet's nest, the outcome could end up far different what you expected.

There are two very strong sides to medical marijuana and they both have merit. I heard and read them all.

I do have my concerns and questions. Such as: Will pain management clinics be issuing out scripts for medical marijuana as they did for Oxycodone or only certain medical doctors, in the specific field, whose patients rely on medical marijuana?

Will the joints be the same as the ones Kathy Jordan smokes. How will medical marijuana be administered, especially to a child and a non-smoker?

How will small business owners, companies, corporations and those in the rental business from vehicles to housing handle the people who are prescribed medical marijuana, without being held libel or discriminative?

Will insurance rates go up?

I think we need to move on from Cathy and Bob Jordan and really tackle the outcome of passing medical marijuana and the aftermath of what will follow.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee