Letters to the Editor

One signature and vote for Florida's constitutional amendment initiate to promote solar power

Re: The Herald's Jan. 15 solar power story on page 3B.

Thanks for this article. My wife and I spent Christmas in northwest Missouri. We were amazed at the amount of solar panels installed on homes, businesses, churches and farms. Driving home, we saw them in other states, too.

Returning to our "Sunshine State," we both had the same question: Where are Florida's solar panels?

There may be a clue in aggressive solar company radio commercials we heard in Missouri. "Better hurry and install yours," those messages warned. Why? Because power companies will have to make up lost revenues by hiking rates on remaining customers, they claimed.

That may not be true, because more solar for private use will reduce power companies' need to build new plants to meet increasing demand.

What is clear, as the article points out, is that Florida's monopoly utilities don't want solar in Florida. Yet Florida should be a leader in this readily available, non-polluting form of energy.

The coalition you described, Floridians for Solar Choice, just started an initiative campaign to expand the use of solar energy in this state. Since our politicians won't do it, the coalition hopes to let voters decide. They'll need 683,149 signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

They can count on mine.

David Leake