Letters to the Editor

Signs vital to steer people to Sarasota's new rowing center, Nathan Benderson Park

I read the Heralds' Jan. 11 article "Signage for Benderson Park" with particular interest. Jan. 9 was my first time to visit the Nathan Benderson center's location for rowing.

Now a regular "snowbird" in this area, I recall that the signage was under consideration a year ago, and in light of my experience on Jan. 9, with much respect I suggest some action on it ASAP.

Let me relate to you my experience in trying to drive to the location.

Traveling from Ellenton, I'd been advised: "Drive south on I-75 and take the University exit. You'll see the new mall on your left. Keep going past that and you'll come to Benderson. It's not all that far."

The well-intended directions concluded with those famous four words: "You can't miss it"!

Acting on those instructions, sadly, I did miss it. Drove several blocks along University Parkway before deciding to stop and ask for more directions. Two helpful young men explained much more clearly by saying, "Go back to Cattleman Road and turn right. You should have turned left there when you came off I-75."

Next, as I drove along Cattleman, only upon seeing a sequence of vertical banners about the World Rowing Championships did I feel as though I was on the right track. Still, no signs to indicate.

I stopped again to ask a young man if I was going in the right direction for the rowing center. He said, "Yes, just keep going straight through all the traffic roundabouts and you'll come to a bridge. Once you're over that bridge you'll see it on your right."

Thank heavens for some clear directions!

With every due respect, I would encourage some positive action on sign placement along I-75, University and Cattleman; even temporary signs while the discussions regarding permanent signs continue. Would such a pro tem option be acceptable? I am very sure it would be helpful.

By the way, what a marvellous location it is for competitive rowing; no wonder it is regarded as world-class!

Paul Brennan