Letters to the Editor

Manatee County Commissioner Larry Bustle ignores voter protests of Trevesta project

I am ashamed of Manatee County Commissioner Larry Bustle. After watching commissioners deny Manatee County voters the right to protest the Trevesta development after previously supporting delays to suppress opposition feedback, I have to ask, "Why does Commissioner Bustle refuse to support or even acknowledge his constituents?"

When it is apparent that Commissioner Bustle's constituents have valid reasons to protest the Trevesta development, where was his support? When the county commission delayed the land-use meeting vote so it took place almost eight hours later than it could have (thereby suppressing resident attendance), where was Commissioner Bustle?

When several of his constituents were ridiculously told at the county commission meeting on Jan. 13 that they were not allowed to mention the name of the development or utter anything relevant to the development (such as a street name or the development where they live), where was Commissioner Bustle? When one of his constituents respectfully asked him a question during a recess, why did he stand silent as Manatee County deputies threatened to remove him from the room?

Based on Commissioner Bustle's utter disregard for his constituents and his complete silence during any phase of the proceedings concerning the Trevesta development, the questions have to be asked about his fitness to serve as a county commissioner.

Having watched his performance, I have questions about his ethics and his loyalty to his constituents. If none of these are reasons for his performance, then I ask him to explain his reprehensible performance to his constituents.

Since Nero refuses to discuss the situation with those effected by the Trevesta debacle or to speak on our behalf, I don't expect him to do anything but to let us burn!

Russell Weir