Letters to the Editor

Both Manatee County, school district must restore impact fees

Unbelievable! I have just read the Jan. 15 letter to the editor regarding the possible re-imposition of impact fees. How Manatee County can be so beholden to the housing industry as to give them a free pass for six years!

Now, for reasons that I cannot comprehend, a "study" costing $50,000 must be done to "perhaps" re-impose said fees. If the fees could be just dropped, why can't they just be re-established? Why a $50,000 study? Nonsense!

Edward Goff's letter of Jan. 15 was right on point. Fees should be immediately re-imposed and made retroactive to the extent possible. Housing did not go into a slump because of home costs. It was a manipulated and inflated mortgage market that caused the housing crash. Impact fees were never involved and should never have been removed.

Commissioners, et al, please do your duty and re-impose impact fees immediately.

W.C. Follmer