Letters to the Editor

A shameful travesty in arrest, botched investigation

An arrest warrant was issued against me June 30, 2014. Bail was set at the same time the warrant was issued. I turned myself in, was taken to jail, never read my Miranda rights, and was booked and placed in a holding cell.

I was told to urinate in a cup, in a bathroom in the common area with a door that does not close with men watching me. I was released on bail several hours later and, being disabled, had to walk the green mile to the gate.

A seven-time felon helped me walk to the gate. I am 64 and although the case has been closed, I have a felony charge against me. I am out thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and bail money and I have never even seen a judge.

The detective investigating this case did not talk to my witnesses and based on his biased report, I was arrested.

If this can happen to a grandma, it can happen to you!

Susan Thrower