Letters to the Editor

Florida losing ground on its historic appeal

Hooray to Carl Hiaasen! What a great commentary ("Hey American .. c'mon down," Jan. 13). I loved the line "You crazy Martian goofball." I myself have thought that many times.

I'm always amazed that Florida government and commissions are (1) allowing developers to build and not expect or put into contracts road improvements, traffic lights where necessary and right-turn lanes; (2) constantly increase density to profit the builders (like what just happened in Parrish), and (3) don't care one bit about the quality of life for the flora, fauna and humans of this beautiful state. All they see are $$$! All the waterfront property goes to the rich.

The cities of Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach are so overbuilt you can hardly find a parking place. No city should allow anything built without adequate parking.

Developers came down Florida's East Coast, overdeveloped it, and now they're invading this area.

The people who came here to begin with came because it was "old Florida," laid back, easy living and beautiful beaches. Between I-275 (Skyway Bridge) and the Manatee River was a wonderfully quiet place to come and enjoy Florida. Now this is being overdeveloped and for sure the road can't handle the number of people being proposed for this area.

Like a young man who I met in Lexington, Mich. once said to me "Ya, everyone loves it here because it's quaint, but the minute you people move here from the city you want to change it." That's exactly what's happening here.

When are the average residents going to be served? This state only knows how to take care of the money people! Very sad.

Pat Ross