Letters to the Editor

Conservatives lend hand to the legitimately needy

I have been out of state for a period of time and therefore did not get to see Susan Fitzpatrick's Dec. 16 letter to the editor until recently. She attempted to answer my letter, which preceded hers by about one week.

She began by stating that there is "... a lack of understanding by the conservative right media that has sold it to the American public."

You know, the television media, both mainstream and cable, are generally considered left of center, while only one cable station is considered conservative. Therefore, what goes out to the public is very heavily slanted toward liberal opinion.

She also seems to be stating that of the roughly 52 million people on some form of welfare, none are either lazy or won't work. What I was trying to bring out was that many in this group do fall in the latter category and do not work. Some are lazy but certainly not all of them.

With regards to the abortion issue, I and many others would support and fund unwanted children and many adoption agencies would support them as well. What will happen to the poor unwanted when our country goes broke, i.e. we are now $18 trillion in debt! Then there will be no entitlements.

And yes, we do "put our money where our mouth is" and have done so all of our adult lives. We do help others and will continue to do so along with some government programs, private charities, churches and, of course, private individuals and businesses. We help anyone who legitimately needs help.

Why, then, is it usually liberals who can't seem to consider other "points of view" without using time-worn cliches like "beating the Bible," "picking on the poor," "simplistic," "put your money here your mouth is."

We, for a change, would like some honest dialogue and consideration.

Robert Pick