Letters to the Editor

Manatee County commissioners wrong to OK big Trevesta project

How can the Manatee County board of commissioners approve to move ahead with something that was denied last month (Dec. 12) by the planning commission?

This question was on the minds of a large number of local residents who showed up at the Jan. 13 county commission meeting to voice disapproval for the Trevesta, a.k.a. Pennington Park, project and ask for reconsideration. However, we were not allowed to ask that question or anything pertaining to said project.

The planning commission had enough sense to see what a bad idea this project was. They saw what impact the traffic on overcapacity roads and overcrowding of local schools would have on the community. And they voted against it.

Where are the checks and balances in this system? How can these county commissioners pull off a fast one like this and get away with it? It's quite obvious that the voters' needs and concerns take a back seat, as far as the commissioners are concerned, to the developers' deep pockets.

Residents who have lived here for decades seem to have no voice over the greedy out-of-state developers who come in and destroy the countryside, displacing thousands of wild animals and natural habitat, in the name of progress!

Adding more flooding to the already overtaxed stormwater collection system that floods local roads regularly during any heavy rain. Adding more cars to a road that doesn't even have a bike lane for children to bike to school on.

Lack of road access was one of the reasons the planning commission voted against this project, yet nothing has changed on the road, no improvements have been made. And now the project magically gets approved?

Someone's getting something out of this deal, and it's surely not the taxpaying residents.

David Johnson