Letters to the Editor

DeSoto Square mall now a scary place to avoid

This letter is in regards to the Bradenton Herald Jan. 9 article about Terry Jones and his French fry company at DeSoto Square mall. I have very mixed emotions about the story, but the one thing I can say for sure is that I will never go back to DeSoto as long as he is there.

Jones has earned a huge amount of ill will from the Muslim community, all of it well deserved. His behavior has been completely disrespectful of all who profess their faith in the Muslim religion and he should be ashamed.

Christians would be horrified, hurt and angered if someone burned a Bible, and I'm sure Muslims feel the same. Unfortunately, in today's society we all too frequently see the "radicalized" side of that anger.

I feel that by publishing the story, calling attention to his business in the mall, you may be saying "For all of you who didn't know, here he is, come and get him."

I like DeSoto mall. I am a "people watcher" and like to sit in the food court when I go there, but no more. It saddens and angers me to feel that way, like I am being beaten by the vicious radicals without cause, but there you have it.

Terry Jones is No. 2 on their "most hated/wanted" list and look what happened to No. 1 in Paris.

Goodbye, DeSoto Square mall, I'll miss you.

Kathleen Courtney