Letters to the Editor

We shouldn't live our lives in fear of terrorists

What a week! Just reading about the terrible Islamic militants' attacks and the resulting horrible loss of innocent lives and the tremendous property damage makes me fret for our future. Of course, I am referring to the hundreds killed in Nigeria and Iraq, which I read about on page 7 of the Herald. Oh yeah, I also heard about a couple minor attacks in France. Get my drift?

We were inundated for several days with endless national media reporting of two relatively local incidents in Paris, while the major attacks (measured by loss of life and property) were given lip service. Is this because of the lives of 13 French citizens are valued more than the lives of hundreds of Nigerians and Iraqis? I hope not. Is it because they are different than us? Maybe so.

My point is that if all terrorist attacks were put on page 7, they (the terrorists) would not get the attention they crave for prestige and recruitment. Furthermore, we would be spared the avalanche of useless (to us) opinions and rehashing.

One last thing: We are in a war. Ours started Sept. 11, 2001 and the French may have just begun theirs. As in any war, there will be casualties.

If we respond to those terrible happenings by living our lives in fear, afraid to partake of all our way of life has to offer, then they will have won. There is a 99.999 percent chance our daily routine will not be affected by a radical Muslim terrorist. I like those odds.

Gary Trapp